Clean Energy, 100% Italian

Today, the production of electricity from traditional sources still generates too many CO2 emissions, which are the primary cause of climate change.
This is why, since 2005, we only supply clean energy. LifeGate Energy’s renewable electricity comes only from wind, solar, or hydroelectric sources, it is 100% Italian and is guaranteed by the Authority for Electrical Energy and Gas through GO (Guarantee of Origin) certificates.
To complete our offering, we also provide natural gas with offset emissions thanks to the Zero Impact project.

LifeGate Energy

Choosing LifeGate Energy, which exclusively sells clean energy to businesses and individuals, means accelerating the energy transition: this is the most important and effective action that each of us can do, as an individual or as a business.
Since 2005, LifeGate Energy has provided its 100% renewable and Italian energy, certified and Zero Impact®, to millions of businesses, of varying sizes, throughout Italy.
For the most modern companies, clean energy is not just an option: it transforms a cost into a benefit, a commodity into a marketing tool.

Since 2016, LifeGate also gives individuals the possibility to contribute to the energy transition, by accessing clean electricity to power their homes.

To fully meet our clients’ needs, we are able to provide a complete service that also includes natural gas. We are well aware that natural gas is a limited and non-renewable resource. To make this provision sustainable, LifeGate Energy calculates all the CO2 emissions linked to the production and distribution of natural gas and offsets them through Zero Impact.

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Alessia Mauri

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