LifeGate | Group
People, Planet, Profit is our approach to doing business

Since our founding, we have aimed to promote a conscious way of doing business that respects the balance between economic, social, and environmental wellbeing, to give a concrete contribution to sustainable development.

LifeGate | Impact
We want sustainability to be at the heart of corporate strategy

We support businesses to uncover and communicate their Sustainable Brand Ambition in the best possible way to all stakeholders.

LifeGate | Energy
We have made the transition to clean energy as quick and simple as possible

The energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources is the most important environmental challenge of our era. With us, every home and every business can have clean and Italian energy.

LifeGate | Way
For sustainable native startups

Our ecosystem dedicated to naturally sustainable startups, aligned with LifeGate’s founding principles: People, Planet, Profit.

Our Manifesto

Sustainability, for many people, is becoming a pressing need, whereas for others it’s mostly an obligation. Often it can become an accessory to flaunt, at times it’s a badge of honour, sometimes it’s a mere social certificate.

For us, environmental and human sustainability represents an authentic lifestyle, it defines our way of being in the world and toward the world, an attitude centred around the culture of awareness and the concreteness of action.

For 20 years, we have worked to be catalysts of social change, awaken and feed a new ecological conscience, and inspire and promote new business models and consumption models for people and companies.

We are the place where education becomes determination, feeling becomes action, purpose becomes solution and result.
We are for those who choose to be led by the values of ethics, in total respect of the ecosystem and of all living beings present within it.
We are for those who choose to live with feeling and give their life a purpose, working to make the world a better place.”

Working alongside businesses and startups to build a sustainability strategy and communicate it effectively.

  • Advisory & Strategy ​
  • Sustainability Reporting
  • Brand Communication​
  • Corporate training
  • Startup acceleration and funding

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Effective actions to start working immediately in a simple way that is also significant and has good returns in communication.

  • Carbon neutrality
  • Protecting biodiversity​
  • Fighting ocean plastic pollution
  • Reforestation

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We want to spread information and promote awareness of a responsible lifestyle.

  • Radio and Website ​
  • Social Media​
  • Native Solution​s
  • Content Providing

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With LifeGate Energy, we provide only clean, 100% Italian energy. We also supply natural gas with emissions compensated through Impatto Zero.

  • Supply of clean energy and natural gas to businesses and individuals.

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LifeGate Tech is LifeGate’s project designed to bring energy solutions and concrete innovation into homes and offices.

  • Blockchain for tax credits.

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Our History

LifeGate is born in 2000 from the experience gained by the Roveda family with Fattoria Scaldasole, the first organic brand to hit the shelves of large-scale retailers. From the start, the goal was to promote a fair and sustainable world that places a circular model at the foundation of the relationship between people, businesses, and the planet, for a system that doesn’t just take but also gives back.
Today, this model is the essence of a new economic paradigm that businesses can no longer ignore. For companies and people seeking a point of reference for sustainability, LifeGate has become a privileged partner: as a Benefit Corporation, we have developed a network that speaks to a community with 5 million users.

What we believe in

We want to promote a conscious approach and a modus operandi that can redefine progress,
taking into account environmental, social, and economic indicators.
We are the hub of sustainable development, sought out not only by those seeking information,
but also by those who need concrete tools to take action.

How we work

LifeGate effectively represents the meeting point between people, businesses, and institutions.
From this privileged position, we can liaise with all entities and involve the right stakeholders in strategic pathways, projects, and actions.

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