Environmental Projects

Being sustainable doesn’t just mean reducing negative impacts: it also means generating a positive impact on society and the planet. This is a profound change, which has to be pursued through concrete actions. Businesses have to play their part and often ask that their stakeholders are given the opportunity to take action, sharing the common goal of protecting the Earth.

The environmental projects we have built over time are designed to give companies a guarantee of effective interventions that respond to the most important environmental challenges of our time with a solid scientific approach and great communicative potential. Thanks to these initiatives, companies can immediately take action in a simple, yet significant way.

Zero Impact

This is LifeGate’s consulting pathway for achieving carbon neutrality. Since 2001, it has marked over 400 million products, for a total value of 2 and a half billion euros.


Technology and best practices to combat plastic and microplastic pollution in the world’s oceans, starting with SeaBin, the renowned trash collector bins placed in over 100 Italian ports.


Trees are our first line of defence against climate change. We have dedicated many projects to forests, raising awareness and contributing to a planet that is rich in nature and biodiversity for future generations.

Bee my Future

Our project for protecting bees and biodiversity through urban apiculture in an organic environment.

Save the Farm

A project dedicated to businesses that want to help small rural farmers by adopting fruit trees.

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Head of environmental projects

Lajal Andreoletti

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